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We simplify office equipment financing to help grow your business. Drive your equipment and solution sales by delivering best-in-class payment solutions to the right customers. Our flexible financing options are tailored to meet the needs of equipment manufacturers, dealers, and end-users. Give your customers the flexibility to maximize their office equipment spend by partnering with a trusted financial partner who has been a pioneer in the office equipment market for more than 50 years.

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In today’s complex business environment, customers need to decide not only which office equipment to buy, but also how to buy it. When you offer financing, you give your customers the power of flexibility, and cost predictability, without impacting their cashflow, while paying less cash up front. Our office equipment leasing solutions are tailored to meet your customers needs.

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Developing and producing top of the line office equipment and technology is only half the battle. Moving your assets to market, and finding the right customers, requires financing options for all stages of the sales cycle. With DLL, you will have a true partner in growing your business. With our payment solutions, your business will have a competitive pricing advantage to improve your customer's experience, and accelerate your sales process to close deals faster.

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Office equipment lifecycles are different for every company. Financing through DLL allows you to match payment structures to your upgrade cycle to keep your office equipment up to date, while paying less over time than an initial cash purchase and reducing investment risks.

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"With their flexible approach, DLL has the ability to create global financing agreements that can be tailored to the unique needs of each of Konica Minolta’s biggest accounts."

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