Tech Solutions

Connecting our future

Adding value through flexible payment solutions

From mobile devices and cloud subscriptions to multi-functional printers and smartboards, our Tech Solutions Group delivers customized and flexible payment solutions for manufacturers, channel partners and their customers.

Facts about Tech Solutions

  • 600,000 machines
    This makes DLL, amongst companies that are not owned by a manufacturer, a market leading source of financing for end users in document management.
  • 20,000 unique customer systems
    The strength and size of our Tech Solutions department makes us a market leader among independent financial solutions companies.
  • Look, no paper!
    We have introduced over 15,000 customers to paperless invoicing in the USA alone.

In-depth insight into your business

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Connect the world

Future financial growth is based on quick, effective communication and cooperation between many different people. Our financing programmes for office and IT solutions from our partners connect the world.

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The printing industry of the past has become the document management industry of the present. We now have networked, multi-functional digital units that transform traditional office equipment companies into IT solutions service companies, with focus on effective communication.

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The market's needs for IT solutions and IT services are constantly changing. Consequently, manufacturers have to search for innovative solutions to satisfy the market's requirements.

Our solutions

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A wide product range in financing that provides added value to all of your distribution channels.

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Managed equipment services

Financing that includes the entire supplied solution including services.

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Operating leasing

Leasing that offers flexible options for purchases, upgrades, equipment returns or continued financing.

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Stock financing

Our stock financing gives dealers a greater competitive advantage. With a larger inventory ready to be sold, quicker delivery to customers, maximised cash flow and greater financial flexibility.

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Asset management

Generates value throughout the equipment's entire life cycle to help our partners optimise sales.

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DLL offers some of the best insurance solutions that have also been optimised for the financed equipment.

Life Cycle Asset Management


A business model based on the insight that end users value equipment usefulness over purchasing or owning it, while the manufacturer manages the equipment's life cycle from production to disposal.

Helge Yndestad

Country Sales Manager Office Equipment Nordics

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Country Sales Manager Tech Solutions Nordics

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