Flexible and sustainable financial solutions to help HS2 stay on track

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Called the country's biggest infrastructure project since World War II, the HS2 high speed railway line will provide vital transportation links between cities and regions across the UK. Financing partners have an important role to play in helping mitigate the financial risk for those companies who are looking at investing in large fleets of equipment for HS2 that may only be used for a relatively short period. Our specialists at DLL can advise customers how to leverage flexible and cost-effective financing options to match payments with usage.

“This is a defining moment for the people in the UK, and we look forward to playing our part in writing this new chapter of history,”

Mark Hield, Senior Account Manager Fleet Solutions

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How can financing companies play their part in keeping this massive undertaking on track to meet its goals? Specialists at DLL share their perspectives.

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At DLL, we have ongoing relationships with leading manufacturers and HS2 suppliers across various sectors.

With an extensive portfolio covering various asset types we have build up key asset knowledge and industry expertise to provide tailored financing solutions specific to your needs.

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DLL is a global financial solution partner established in UK since 1996 to become one of the top 5 Asset Finance companies in the country today. We collaborate with fleet customers to enable them to obtain and use the assets they need to contribute meaningfully to the world. DLL delivers original, integrated financial solutions to support the entire asset lifecycle. To us, leasing is more than just lending money. It’s about thinking together to find original solutions. Besides leasing we provide additional services targeted at your equipment fleet.

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Mark Hield

Mark Hield

Senior Account Manager Fleet Solutions

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